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Have you tried to stop using on your own but keep returning to drug use?  You’re not alone. Most don’t succeed in the long-term because they want to avoid the intense withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting “cold turkey”. With the Medication Assisted Program you are closely monitored by a provider that will gradually lower your dosage until you no longer require assistance.  This program may be the right one for you if:

 • You are an adult who has been dependent on painkillers or heroin for more than a year.
• Your drug use has been affecting your work, family and/or social life.
• You have tried to quit in the past but have been unsuccessful.
• You are combining one or more substances (like alcohol and/or other drugs) and putting your health at risk.
• You have committed a crime to continue your drug use.
• You  inject drugs which puts you at risk for AIDS, HIV, STDs and Hepatitis C.

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